Our Programs

  • Choosing Life Empowerment Action and Results (CLEAR)

  • HIV Counseling & Testing

  • Condom Distribution

  • Gay Men’s Wellness

  • Free HIV Screenings

Prevention Services

The goal of HAART's Prevention Department is to assist community members to know their HIV status and obtain the necessary skills to remain HIV negative. If HIV positive, our staff assists in linking individuals to medical care and overcoming barriers to staying in medical care thus preventing further transmission of HIV.  In addition, Prevention Department programs provide opportunities for HIV positive individuals to learn more about HIV, living healthy lives and advocating their needs.

Choosing Life Empowerment Action and Results (CLEAR)

CLEAR is an evidence-based HIV prevention and health promotion intervention developed for people living with HIV or high-risk negatives.The goal of CLEAR is to help these people maintain health, reduce transmission of HIV and infectious diseases, and improve their quality of life. The program consists of six foundational sessions that teach the core behavioral strategies of the program. Within these initial sessions, the client also develops a personal life goal and his or her prevention plan which will direct the focus of subsequent sessions. The provider then has a menu of 21 sessions to choose from in which the client can practice and apply the core strategies to realize his or her goals. The sessions in the menu address five domains: sexual behavior, substance use, treatment adherence, mental health, and successful disclosures.

Baton Rouge Wellness Center

The mission of the Wellness program is to actively engage and empower gay and bisexual men and transgender individuals in improving their health and wellness.  The program will accomplish this by providing holistic health programming, affordable health care services, and connections to existing resources. Ultimately this is a community-driven program that aims to decrease HIV/AIDS, STDs, and health disparities among the gay and bisexual men and transgender communities.  Health is defined as a whole body, holistic concept, including mental/emotional, physical, sexual, and spiritual well-being. The health of individuals is linked with the health of the community, and strengthening the gay men and transgender communities across Louisiana is a vital step in improving the health of gay and bisexual men and transgender individuals.

The Wellness Center provides health screenings (including HIV & STDs), general physical exam, mental health assessment, and education every Monday from 5:30-7:30pm at Open Health Care Clinic.

For more information, please contact our Wellness Center staff:

Isaac Gilliard:  225-655-6422 x1314 or isaac.gilliard@ohcc.org

Free HIV Screenings

HAART, Inc. provides HIV counseling & testing using a rapid HIV test, allowing individuals to have their results in as little as twenty (20) minutes.  Individuals have an opportunity to learn about HIV, ask questions and learn skills to reduce their risk.  Testing is provided at the HAART office and at various community events.  Individuals who test negative but are at high risk, can take advantage of the CLEAR program to assist in reducing their risk.  Individuals who test positive are linked to medical and social services and can also take advantage of the CLEAR program. Learn more about rapid testing on our HIV testing web page.

Stop by our offices Monday-Thursday from noon-4:00pm or Fridays 9:00am - noon for a free HIV test.

HAART Offices

4550 North Blvd. Ste. 250

Baton Rouge, LA 70806.

Condom Distribution

HAART provides no-cost condoms on site and at various community locations.  For locations, please check out our calendar or call the Prevention Department at (225) 927-1269.