PrEP stands for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis 

HAART launched its second song, “Do It Right” to promote PrEP on December 1, 2018 in recognition of World AIDS Day. In 2012, the FDA approved Truvada, the brand name of PrEP (short for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis*) as an effective preventative measure for HIV. PrEP is an HIV prevention option that works by taking one pill every day. When taken every day, PrEP can provide a high level of protection against HIV, and is even more effective when combined with condoms and other prevention tools.

*The word "prophylaxis" means to prevent or control the spread of an infection or disease.

We invite you to educate your community about PrEP by sharing the "Do It Right" message on your social media networks. 

Song written by A.V. Mitchell. Video created by Kikala Diallo.

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