Mental Health Counseling

Counseling is available to anyone who is dually diagnosed or is living with or affected by HIV/AIDS.  This includes partners, family members and friends.  Services are provided by licensed mental health professionals and include, but are not limited to issues such as:

  • Depression/Anxiety (including screening)

  • Stress or Adjustment issues

  • Coping with a diagnosis or change in health

  • Relationship & family issues

  • Disclosure of status

  • General HIV/AIDS education

  • Information & Referral

If you would like to receive mental health counseling, please have the referral form signed by your current case manager or a referral agency. Please download the form, complete and either fax to (225) 754-9945 or hand-deliver to the HAART offices at 4550 North Blvd. Ste. 250, Baton Rouge, LA 70806.